Our New OJMFLL Trophies

by Scott Matthews

Meet The Lacrosse Legends Cup 'A' Division

Over the past 40 years, the OJMFLL and the OLA have provided Ontario Lacrosse players with the most competitive level of field lacrosse before they move on to the next phase in their career, including those who progress to play at the collegiate, world and professional levels such as NLL and PLL. Most importantly, the OJMFLL provides an opportunity to grow great citizens through their shared love of field lacrosse. Today, we celebrate past, present and future players with the inauguration of our new "A" Division Trophy: The Lacrosse Legends Cup. This trophy, awarded to the "A" division championship team since 1982, recognizes the incredible legends that have participated since our league was first founded. Over the course of the last four decades, legends of the game have laid their hands on this achievement and etched their names into the history and heritage of Ontario Lacrosse. Today, we dedicate this trophy to them.

Meet The Mark Schuetzkowski Cup 'B' Division

Mark Schuetzkowski is our Past Commissioner for the OJMFLL.

Mark began volunteering in Lacrosse in 2000 with KWMLA as the House League VP and is a Life Member of KWMLA.

Mark has contributed to Field Lacrosse over the years since by coaching, managing, and administrating various teams, clubs, leagues, and tournaments at Local, Provincial and National levels.

His most recent roles were OLA Board of Directors – VP Field Administration from November 2020 and OJMFLL commissioner from 2009 to 2020.

We would like to commemorate Mark with our ‘B’ Division Cup, The Mark Schuetzkowski Cup.