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General Information

The Ontario Junior Men's Field Lacrosse League

The Ontario Junior Men's Field Lacrosse League (OJMFLL) began in 1980 with 3 Ontario teams.  The teams that started the League were Oshawa, St. Catharines, and Toronto.

Since that inception, that League has grown from 3 teams to 22 teams, with interest from centres from all over Ontario.  Major growth points for the League were in 1988 with the beginning of the World Championships and in 1995 when lacrosse began a significant growth point in Ontario.  For 2010, we welcome Orillia as a new entry to play this season. 

We expect continued growth in development in our existing centres and welcome inquiries for new Centres to enter the League.

Graduates of the OJMFLL include:

     AJ Shannon - Virginia
     Zack Greer - Duke / Bryant (All-Time NCAA Goals Leader)
     Brodie Merrill - Georgetown
     John Grant Jr. - Delaware
     Taylor Wray - Duke
     Chris Sanderson - Virginia
     Sid Smith - Syracuse
     Cody Jamieson - Syracuse

Previous League Champions

2018 Team Ontario Orangeville Brampton N/A
2017 Team Ontario Mimico Hamilton Toronto Beaches
2016 Team Ontario Niagara Kitchener-Waterloo Barrie
2015 Team Ontario Oshawa I Ottawa Beaches II
2014 BC Oshawa I Ottawa Barrie
2013 Team Ontario Oshawa I Peterborough n/a
2012 Team Ontario Orangeville Barrie Mimico
2011 Team Ontario Niagara Centre-Wellington Barrie
2010 Team Ontario Niagara Toronto Beaches Mississauga
2009 Team Ontario Niagara Oshawa II London
2008 Selects (BC) Niagara Six Nations Toronto
2007 Oshawa (On) Hamilton Barrie Centre-Wellington
2006 Selects (BC) Oshawa 1 Kitchener-Waterloo n/a
2005 Selects (BC) Oshawa 1 Hamilton n/a
2004 Selects (BC) Oshawa* Centre-Wellington n/a
2003 Orangeville (On) Oshawa Centre-Wellington n/a
2002 Saskatchewan Orangeville Halton Hills n/a
2001 Selects (BC) Niagara Peterborough n/a
2000 Selects (BC) Niagara Burlington n/a
1999 Selects (BC) Oshawa n/a
1998 Edmonton (AB) Oshawa n/a
1997 Selects (BC) Oshawa n/a
1996 Oshawa (On) Oshawa n/a
1995 Oshawa (On) Oshawa n/a
1994 Oshawa (On) Niagara n/a
1993 Oshawa (On) Oshawa n/a
1992 Orangeville (On) Orangeville n/a
1991 Oshawa (On) Orangeville n/a
1990 Winnipeg (Mn) Oshawa n/a
1989 Calgary (AB) Oshawa n/a
1988 Oshawa (On) Oshawa n/a
1987 Coquitlam (BC) Oshawa n/a
1986 St. Catharines (On) Peterborough n/a
1985 Victoria (BC) Niagara n/a
1984 n/a Oshawa n/a
1983 n/a Oshawa n/a
1982 n/a Oshawa n/a