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2012 OJMFLL Play-off Format Confirmed

09/22/2012, 9:00am EDT
By Mark Schuetzkowski

Moderate format changes adds more competitiveness to the regular season.

This year's format is pretty much status quo from previous years with the exception of expanding the Division I (A) finals to bring the number of teams that participate in Provinicals more in line with Division II (B & C). The other change gives consideration to the regular season records in Division II for teams competing for the C Championship.
Division I Format 
(A Finals):
Quarter Finals: 3rd vs 6th, and 4th vs 5th.  1st and 2nd place get a bye in the first round.
Winners of the QF games play 1st place and 2nd place in the semis (teams are re-seeded (if necessary) so that 1st plays lowest seed, and 2nd plays higher seeded team).
Winners of the Semi Finals square off in Finals.  
(7th, 8th, and 9th seeds do not qualify).
Division  II Format
(B Finals)
1W vs 2E, and 1E vs 2W in Semi Finals.
Winners play in Finals.
(C Finals)
3W vs 4E, and 3E vs 4W (or 5E) in semis. Winners play in Finals.
If 5E has a better record (must have more points) than 4W, then 5E will take the spot of 4W in the Playoffs.
(3 bottom teams do not qualify).
All 2012 OJMFLL Provincial Championship games are scheduled to be played on Sunday, October 28 at Civic Fields in Oshawa, Ontario.

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