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2011 OJMFLL Provincial Championship Preview

10/27/2011, 9:42pm EDT
By Mark Schuetzkowski

Mississauga Iceland Fields host this year's Jr. Field Playoffs on Sunday, October 30


The final week of the regular season did not disappoint with a number of exciting match-ups.

Once the dust settled, we saw Niagara nab the top spot in D-I, followed by Brampton, Oshawa, and Burlington respectively.

D-II West only had 1 final spot to fill and K-W took care of business with 2 wins to solidify their spot in the play-offs.

As anticipated, the final spot in D-II East went right down to the wire as Barrie and Ottawa's play-offs started early with a 'win and you're in' type of game to wrap up the season. The game was a dandy as both teams possessed play-off goaltending and great end-to-end action. It was late in the 4th when Barrie finally pulled out far enough that Ottawa just couldn't catch up.

On to Sunday, October 30, 2011 at Mississauga Iceland Fields.


9:00am - D-III On Field warm-up

9:30am - D-III Semi Finals 

Upper Field: K-W (4th West) vs Oshawa II (3rd East)

Lower Field: Barrie (4th East) vs Mississauga (3rd West) 


11:00am - D-II Pre-game Warm-up

11:30am - D-II Semi Finals

Upper Field: Newmarket (2nd East) vs Centre-Wellington (1st West)

Lower Field: London (2nd West) vs Peterborough (1st East)


1:00pm - D-I Pre-game Warm-up - Upper Field

1:30pm - D-I Semi Final - Upper Field - Burlington (4th) vs Niagara (1st)


2:00pm - D-III Pre-game Warm-up - Lower Field

2:30pm - D-III Finals - Lower Field - Winners of 9:30am games 


3:00pm - D-I Pre-game Warm-up - Upper Field

3:30pm - D-I Semi Final - Upper Field - Oshawa (3rd) vs Brampton (2nd)


4:00pm - D-II Pre-game Warm-up - Lower Field

4:30pm - D-II Finals - Lower Field - Winners of 11:30am games

D-I Championship game will be held on Sunday, November 6 at TD Waterhouse Stadium in London, Ontario.

In Autumn, there is nothing better than the smell of sports in the air. The OJMFLL Championships have certainly had their share of drama, cinderella stories, and sheer excitement over the years. This year will be sure not to disapoint.

With 'toungue firmly in cheek', here is a preview of the Semi-Final match-ups (be sure to follow the links for each match-up):

K-W vs Oshawa II: This is exactly why they play the games. What's on paper, doesn't necessarily reflect what's put on the field.

Barrie vs Mississauga: Those who know the history, know the history.

Newmarket vs C-W: This one will come down to which side of the gamesheet the teams decide to use.

London vs Peterborough: Has all the makings of a classic match-up.

Niagara vs Burlington: They were meant to be here.

Brampton vs Oshawa: The team with the most heart will win this one.

On to Sunday!! Are you ready?!?!?!


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